UWC Thunder & Fireworks Pet Serum

UWC Thunder & Fireworks Pet Serum

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Is your pet scared of thunderstorms, fireworks or loud noises? Signs of fear include:

  • Shivering, trembling or shaking
  • Hiding & running away
  • Whining, barking or howling
  • Panting, drooling when it's not hot
  • Scratching, chewing things or digging
  • Pacing, restless & unable to relax and lie down
  • Ears pinned back with tail tucked between the legs

For pets with an extreme fear of thunderstorms, spray UWC Calm Pet first followed by Thunder & Fireworks

UWC PetSafe products are easy to administer, just give it to your pet with just a spritz!

  • Shake & spray Calm Pet into your cat or dog's mouth or gums
  • For small animals below 500g, like birds, spray into 100ml of clean water in their drinking bowl
  • You can also spray Calm Pet on your pet's bed or kennel to provide a calm environment
  • Fast, easy and effective for all types of animals - cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, etc.

UWC PetSafe products are natural, safe, and gentle for all types of pets

  • No harmful side effects
  • No toxic chemicals
  • No artificial flavours or sweeteners
  • No artificial fragrances or perfumes
  • No artificial colours

Active ingredients: flower essences, herbal extracts, homeopathic microdilutions